Michelle Collensworth, labeled the Spoiled Little Princess, is a 7-year old girl living in a dysfunctional family. Often protrayed to have ADHD, Michelle is cute, friendly, naive, and innocient, however she is often misunderstood and her comments are often dismissed. The only person in her entire family who seems to show any concern for her is her father, Jim Collensworth, who is often too busy to give her much attention.

In Gram Ham Sam, Michelle called a phone company in attempt to operate her Barbie Cellphone, which obviously isn't a phone that they provide. Michelle innociently informs the caller that her parents are in Australia, but that her Grandmother (nicknamed Grand Ham Sam) is looking over her. However she also strongly implies that her grandmother has died a few days ago (although Michelle doesn't realize this and has shrugged it off as Grand Ham Sam snoozing away). Startled and perhaps taking pity, the caller constantly tries to get further information, however Michelle hyperly reads two Dr. Seuss's books obnoxiously. When she was firmly asked to wake Grand Ham Sam, she was annoyed that she wouldn't wakeup. She even slaps her severly times in annoyance. However, Grand Ham Sam doesn't wake and Michelle is forced to assume that she has passed away. Michelle is distraught and begs Quincy, the caller, to not leave her. Eventually, Michelle informs that Grandma had some "rootbeer bottles" (really Corona's) which Michelle genually believes is innocient rootbeer. Directly going against Quincy's pleads, Michelle drinks the Corona anyway which greatly annoys Quincy. After having some more awkward conversations, such as Michelle seeing the Cat in the Hat "everywhere", Quincy decides to take matters into his own hands and pose as a police officier. Michelle however saw right through Quincy's disguise and constantly avoids Quincy's questions. Agrivated, Quincy puts them on hold indefinetly and Kristen closes the call.

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