thumb|300px|right|Ruckus Pizza Prank Call Rukus Pizza is a pizza parlor in New York that FNC has been calling frequently. Rukus has become a Fan Favorite and many people request it constantly in the chat.


The first call to Rukus came on the Second show of Feburary 2010, Jared tried to order a pizza and the phone manager became quickly disgruntled and angry. They began to call back every 20-30 minutes. They have been calling Rukus weekly since.

Feburary and March 2010Edit

In weeks following the first call the phone "picker upper" would be angry immediatly no matter what. Notable things he said were, "I am no jew sir.", "Hey baby, you want come over here." (to Kristen). "Hey Jesus, how's it going?".

They know Edit

They know of FNC existence. They saw the prank call above.Edit